Snorkeling Is Safe, Right?

In order to answer that question, you have to know what snorkeling is. Snorkeling is defined as swimming underwater while using a tube where the other end stays above water so you can continue breathing. Depending on the water you might use other items like a wet suit and mask. Just because this is the safest of underwater activities does not mean there aren't dangers you have to look out for.


The Definition Of Snorkeling

A lot of beautiful scenery and aquatic animals can be seen by people who enjoy snorkeling. People who would rather go scuba diving need a lot of more equipment before they go underwater. Another risk that scuba divers face is experiencing changes in atmospheric pressure as they go underwater. This could cause exhaustion and pain in the joints while underwater. If someone is snorkeling instead of scuba diving, they don't spend as much energy and don't have as much difficulty floating as scuba divers experience.

You can find a lot of beautiful plant life and wild life as you explore underwater. What you will see is based on where in the world you go. If you are residing in a vacation spot that has opportunities for snorkeling then it would be worth trying to find what you see.


People who go scuba diving might use snorkeling equipment especially if they don't want to spend too much energy before they get to the spot where they are going to dive underwater. While snorkelers have a lot of fun going underwater, you still have hazards that you have to look out for.

Wetsuits for Snorkeling

What You Should Watch Out For

There are certain situations where you could find yourself in trouble if you are snorkeling. It is recommended not to go snorkeling if you don't have much experience or if you are already facing health complications. You have to pay attention to which direction water is being moved. If someone experiences seizures, panic easily or have complications with their lungs or heart, it is advisable that person check with their physician before they try snorkeling. The reason for this is people who experience this activity can run into trouble. Some of the health problems people could face include: cramps, hypothermia, fatigue, dehydration and heatstroke.

The best way to avoid a tragic outcome is to avoid snorkeling alone. While it's not needed to have a whole group go together, it is recommended to have at least one other person go with you. Having the correct equipment can also determine whether your experience is fun or sad. There are wet suits which will protect you against different temperatures and it is best to know the temperature of the water you plan to snorkel in so you have the correct wet suit to protect you from hypothermia. A wet suit will also assist you in staying close to the top of the water You may also want to consider getting fins, gloves and boots because of the rocks that have jagged edges that could present difficulties for anyone that plans to go snorkeling in the water.

There are more problems that could happen when you are underwater. You could come across plant life, garbage, nets, cables and possibly other boats. One option is to use a dive flag so other people in the water are aware of your location. Extreme weather conditions like hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons can raise the intensity and speed of the water. These weather conditions can also make it harder to see anything while you are underwater. The best thing to do is stay away from the water if these conditions are happening. Another problem is high intensity in the water could get into your equipment unless you spent money on specific ones that either keep water out or is easier to get water out of.

While you are in the water, you also have to be aware of the sun. If you are not wearing something to protect you from the sun, you could dehydrate, suffer from sunstroke or overheat. The weather can affect you in cold environments as well. In colder climates, you will lose your body heat. On top of that, you also have to worry about the other animals swimming in the water. If you stay a safe distance from the animals underwater then you should not run into any problems.

Cut Down Your Chances Of A Disaster

If you do plan to go snorkeling, it's best you take necessary precautions and come up with a strategy before you get into the water. If you have the correct equipment and know what you are doing, you could avoid any potential problems. You could practice in a pool and there are establishments where you can get the experience of snorkeling without facing any of the dangers. You can also get taught how to snorkel if you choose.

You should talk with your physician if you already have health complications. You will want to drink water or something else without alcohol before you go in the water and it's also a good idea to stretch before you go into the water and after you get out of the water. Always have one other person going with you and let other people know when you plan to be back. Make sure your equipment is in working order before you go. Remember to clean your equipment when you get back. These tips will increase your chances of staying safe if you decide to go snorkeling.

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