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How to Choose the Right Spearfishing Wetsuit?

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How to Choose the Right Spearfishing Wetsuit?

Spearfishing is a kind of fishing activity in which fish is caught by piercing a spear either by throwing it or thrusting it by hand. While going for spearfishing you should be familiar with the zones of temperature in that area so that you should be comfortable. There are no hard and fast rules about where you can go for spearfishing. While choosing a spearfishing wetsuit you should mainly consider the variations in the temperature of that area. In some areas like Queensland, you can go for spearfishing with or without a 3mm wetsuit but it may not be suitable for the areas with highly variable temperatures.


For example, many people who spearfish in Queensland buy a 3-millimeter wetsuit or possibly not wear one at all, without having any idea about the varying temperatures of the area you may be left with an unusable suit. However, for places near the equator you can wear a wetsuit with 1.5mm thickness throughout the year. So you should consider various factors while choosing a wetsuit for spearfishing.


Two Piece Wetsuits for Spearfishing

Two Piece Wetsuits for Spearfishing



While selecting a wetsuit for spearfishing you will have to consider a few factors like:


Thickness: The thickness of the wetsuit for spearfishing should be considered according to the area you choose for this activity. You can find spearfishing wetsuits in variable thicknesses from 1mm to 7 mm. A wetsuit with 1-1.5mm thickness can be suitable for areas like Florida where the temperature remains constantly the same throughout the year. But in colder areas you can choose from 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, and 7mm thick wetsuits depending upon the level of coldness in that area. 3mm wetsuit will be suitable for areas with 20 degrees Celsius and up. For areas with 10-20 degrees Celsius a wetsuit with 5mm thickness can be suitable. 7mm thickness of the wetsuit can be suitable for areas with 4-15°C.

Style: You can mainly consider two types of spearfishing wetsuits - one-piece wetsuits and two-piece wetsuits. A one-piece wetsuit can cover your entire body including legs and arms whereas a two-piece wetsuit normally consists of a hooded wetsuit jacket and a pair of wetsuit pants. You can choose a two-piece wetsuit with hood for spearfishing in the colder areas whereas one piece full wetsuits can be used in warmer areas.


One Piece Full Wetsuits for Spearfishing

 One Piece Full Wetsuits for Spearfishing


Material: While buying a wetsuit for spearfishing you will find various types of wetsuits made from closed cell and open cell neoprene. Open cell wetsuits in various thicknesses are higher in quality, warmer, and more expensive than closed-cell wetsuits. Open cell wetsuits are warmer because they seal your body tightly by sticking to it and a layer of water between the suit and your body can help in keeping your body warm. Some wetsuits have a closed cell outer layer but an open cell lining, which are designed specifically for upgraded warmth.


Closed-cell suits are lined with nylon or polyester whereas open cell suits are not lined with any other fabric. The amount of water between close cell wetsuit and your body will be more than an open cell suit to keep you cool as compared to external temperatures.


So you can choose the material of your wetsuit for spearfishing according to the area you are choosing for this activity.

Color: Traditionally black wetsuits were used for spearfishing but these days colorful wetsuits are preferred to camouflage you completely. According to experts, it can help you in spearing more fish by blending you with the environment around you. So, wetsuits of brown, green or blue colors or combination of various colors are selected for spearfishing these days.



Wetsuits for Spearfishing & Freediving: If you pursue both warmth and flexibility, choose spearfishing and freediving wetsuits with open cell neoprene. More and more camo wetsuits with reinforced chest and knees are preferred for spearfishing. They provide warmth and sturdiness against abrasions in addition to helping a spearfishermen get closer to their prey by blending themselves with the environment.


Scuba diving wetsuits: These wetsuits vary depend on your personal preference and the kind of water you are going to dive in. When you go to the world under the water for scuba diving then you may not be able to breathe for a long time. You should consider the temperature of the water while selecting its thickness. For much colder waters, you might even need to consider drysuits or semi-dry suits.


Surfing wetsuits: These wetsuits are different from the wetsuit of spearfishing and freediving because of their unique features. These wetsuits are more versatile and thinner and some of them have reinforced plates on the back and front to stop the flow of air. They will moist your ribs while sitting on your surfing board.


Thus, by considering all the tips discussed in this write-up you can easily choose the right spearfishing wetsuit for yourself.


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