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Do Shorty Wetsuits Keep You Warm?

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Do Shorty Wetsuits Keep You Warm?

In recent years wetsuits have largely developed. They are unique and powerful tools for swimmers, surfers, and water enthusiasts to stay in the water for long periods. These suits are warm, flexible, and light enough to keep individuals warm as they perform their water activities.

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Wetsuits are worn to keep you amazingly comfortable in frigid water. They act as a thermal barrier whereby these suits trap a layer of cold water between the suit and your body. The heat from your body will warm the water to ensure you have enough warmth. To enjoy the benefits of these shorty wetsuits, you must choose the right one. One that will satisfy your needs makes you happy and keeps you warm as well. With an appropriate suit, you can focus more on the fun part.


Let's delve into how the shorty wetsuits work to make you warm. You'll be in a better position to confidently educate others on how to enjoy longer sessions under the water effortlessly.



With shorty wetsuits, there are multiple options to select from. Everything you see will always look good, but you have to get one that suits your needs. Get something that makes you feel confident while in it. It would be best to keep in mind various aspects while looking for a wetsuit that will provide ultimate warmth. All you need is to stick to this page for the equation breakdown.


Water Temperature

It is the most crucial aspect of the equation. Before getting into the water, you must do vivid research on the water temperatures. While at it, don't forget the difference in seasons, especially in the region you'll mainly use the wetsuits.


For cold temperatures, be sure that your extremities will go numb. Therefore, to keep warm, you might need a thicker wetsuit. The most exciting thing about wetsuits is that the water will pull your body heat 25 times more than the air. Typically, it means your body will not stay in the cold water for long without a wetsuit.


You must be keen on its thickness since the thicker it's, the warmer it feels while in cold weather. So, the water temperatures influence the thickness of the suit to choose.


Neoprene has a wide range of thicknesses. For this reason, elements like air temperature, personal preference, and wind have a significant impact on the kind of thickness you need.



The activity that you intend to indulge in plays a significant role in choosing a suit. There are so many water activities like surfing, paddling, swimming, and triathlons. Every option has its kind of wetsuit. For instance, shorty wetsuits have a different style from a full suit. Its elbows and knees are cut off, leaving other parts of your body bare.


The short arm and thin material are great for paddling. Activities whereby you need to go underwater, especially in cool or cold waters, a full wetsuit will be great for the job.


Fitting Wetsuits

A fitting wetsuit is another aspect that you should consider. It doesn't mean you need to look like a Kardashian, but how you feel in a wetsuit matters a lot.


A proper fit is very crucial. It helps a wetsuit perform its role of keeping you warm as you surf or paddle. It would be best to avoid a lot of flushing; that suit should be snug to restrict mobility.


A too-loose suit will show in the fabric fold with excess material. It is often behind your knees or underarms. Therefore, sagging is not advisable for a wetsuit. Wearing a fitting one ensures a thin water layer between the suit and your body is well trapped for warmth purposes. A loose one will allow a lot of water to flush through. It makes the suit ineffective.


Design Features

Some wetsuits have different seams options and zippers placements. You should have a preference when purchasing one, though; they come with a diverse price range. The zipper's arrangements make a difference in warmth and how easily one can wear or take it off.


Here is a scoop on the different features:


Full Front Zippers

You can easily slide in this type of zipper wetsuit. It's the hardest to allow flush through while in water. Such suits are not comfortable for people who surf since they spend more time on front paddling.


Back Zppers

These are not as interesting as the front zippers, though; they are more resistant to flushing. Also, they are prevalent in wetsuits. The zipper runs from the lower part of your spine to your collar. It has an attached strap for proper zipping.


Chest Zippers

These are the most difficult to put on or take out. You will need a little more effort when compared to others. With time, it becomes more natural. The great thing about chest zips over the back zips is that they are resistant to flushing and have better mobility. It is so because the back of your suit has one continuous stretchy panel of neoprene. Commonly, people who prefer high-end surfing wear these wetsuits.



It's time to answer the question: Do shorty wetsuits keep you warm? Yes, they do keep you warm. Water lovers should use this guide to help them make the right decision of purchasing a practical suit.


To achieve the best out of the suit, you should choose a manufacturer who sells good quality neoprene. It will help you get one that suits your needs. A brand that offers various styles to select from; here, you are sure to get your favorite to tackle the weather elements you might come across.


The price of wetsuits is different; however, nowadays, people are selling cheap suits. They are readily available for people whose pockets aren't deep. The manufacturers use synthetic material (like SBR) to manufacture these neoprene wetsuits; some of them aren't durable and are prone to easy ripping. The inexpensive ones have lower thermal properties than others and increase buoyancy.


With a wetsuit that keeps your body warm, you feel comfortable during the water activities. It feels lovely, and as a superhero, anytime you zip the suit up.

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