Normally wetsuits are worn by divers, surfers, and swimmers to protect their bodies while swimming in cold waters because they retain heat in their bodies by insulating it. In this way, a wetsuit made from neoprene, a kind of rubber, helps in avoiding the dangerous problem of hypothermia caused by the low temperature of the body.


Today you can find various types of wetsuits in the market including black and blue wetsuits etc. These days camouflage or camo wetsuits are gaining popularity among swimmers, and divers especially while spearfishing.


The comparison of camo wetsuit vs black wetsuit provided in this write-up can help you to choose the better options for you.


Black Wetsuits

Earlier black wetsuits were popularly used by divers and surfer not only for its visual benefits and keeping them warm but for several other reasons also like the low cost of its material, resistance to UV rays, and durability. Some of the benefits of a black wetsuit are briefly discussed here under for your consideration.



 Black Wetsuits


Benefits of Black Wetsuit

Cost-effectiveness of Black neoprene: Though the rubber originally looks milky white but to make it more stable normally carbon black rubber was manufactured and used in making wetsuits for the stability and inexpensiveness of this compound. Several other polymers are added to raw rubber to make synthetic rubber, neoprene, to make it more durable and degradation resistant. The carbon black included in the neoprene makes it a tougher material for use in marine applications like wetsuits etc.


Durability: The carbon black included in the neoprene reduces the effects of aging and oxidation on it. The elasticity of the wetsuit increases due to lower absorption of oxygen and it lasts longer because it adapts to the shape of your body without being damaged. Black carbon in neoprene also protects it from the damages caused by the stress of the flow of water. It dramatically increases the stretch of neoprene.


UV protection: A wetsuit has to sustain various levels of temperature in the water as well as that of sunlight to which it has to be exposed for a longer time. It is also exposed to knocks and tumbles as well as salts and minerals in the water while diving and surfing in the seawater. The carbon black mixed in the neoprene not only makes this synthetic rubber durable but also protective to UV rays because due to its black color it absorbs photons.


Camo Wetsuits

Camo or camouflage wetsuits are mostly used by the divers while spearfishing. Though normal black wetsuits can also be worn while spearfishing still many people prefer camo wetsuits not only due to their colorful prints and cooler looks but also for the difference they make during spearfishing. The brown or green print on the camo wetsuit can increase the chances to come closer to the fish because it matches the environment.

Camo Wetsuits


Along with helping in spearfishing, a camo wetsuit can also help the divers while using the techniques of underwater hunting and stalking. It will allow them to come a bit closer to their prey.


Benefits and drawbacks of camo wetsuits are briefly discussed here under to help you in comparing camo vs black wetsuit more easily.


Benefits of Camo Wetsuits

  • A camo wetsuit allows you to match with the environment so that even playful and frisky fish can come closer to you when you sit motionlessly underwater.
  • It will allow you to break underwater lines so make the fish think that you are smaller than your actual size as small fish usually get nervous after seeing larger fish.
  • You will not look like a fat big seal so that you cannot attract sharks to prey on you.


Thus, after going through the respective benefits of camo and black wetsuits you can easily choose the best one for you while buying a wetsuit for your next diving or surfing trip.

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