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July 17, 2020 3 min read

Several people think that any wetsuit is good for almost anything. This is further from the truth. Wetsuits come in so many variations that the buyer has to consider the types available.

Before we look at the types of best wetsuits, we need to understand the purpose of this garment. Wetsuits are protective clothing for people in water environments. The use of the suit is to keep the body warm. It deliberately captures water in the suit so that it acts as a protective layer against the cold. The suits are made of a fabric called neoprene, a synthetic rubber invented by DuPont. The substance essentially enables the trapping of heat due to the nitrogen gas in the synthetic rubber. Due to the low thermal conductivity, heat has less chance of leaving the body. However, human skin in contact with water causes heat to be lost from the body quickly.

What should we look for in wetsuits? It all depends on what you're up to. The sport can be water skiing, diving, snorkeling, surfing or swimming. Some wetsuits are made specifically for this type of activity.

Otherwise, determine the weather and environmental conditions and make a decision based on the thickness of the best wetsuit. The thickness is measured in millimeters (mm). A 1 mm wetsuit means that the fabric thickness is 1 mm. For warmer waters that don't lose too much body heat, consider 1mm to 2mm. If the water temperature is 45 to 70 degrees, consider the thickness of 3 mm to 4 mm. In very cold weather below 45 degrees, you can wear a 5mm suit with a hood.

The quality of the wetsuit can be determined by the seam construction. As with all clothing, tightly woven closures are quality indicators. Conversely, loosened seams may enable exposure to the components, that is poor quality. Purpose of this suit is to have all components away from your body. A wetsuit that looks tight or red is safe to seal.

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It can protect you from the effects of the sun. Thermoplastic is another substance that is about 1.2 mm in size. It has a little more insulation than elastane, but can be used in very warm climates.

The important part of choosing a wetsuit is trying it on. The best suits are those that are close to the body, provided they don't stifle or restrict your movement. Test the suit by flexing or moving your body parts. Once you're in the water, the suit should be a lot more flexible. If you learn how the suit responds to your movements, you can get a better feel for the product.

A wetsuit isn't exactly the kind of clothing you get on a bargain basket. Go to the appropriate store to get the wetsuit for your sport. If you get a wetsuit for the surfing, move to a surf shop. If you need to dive, go to a dive shop. You have the idea. Or, you can directly buy one from online stores such as

Selection of brands. Now you no longer have to purchase the most costly brand to make sure quality. It is better to do your homework first by checking the brands on internet forums and neutral third-party review sites. When you come to the store, it doesn't hurt to ask the employee what they think of the best wetsuit for you. After all, they have a lot more experience than you. And don't try to buy in stores that only sell one brand. They stand up for the virtues of their respective brands and criticize the others. So choose wetsuits in stores that sell multiple brands to ensure neutrality.

It would be best if you made sure that the wetsuit you choose fits comfortably around your body. Also, the sleeve and leg openings should be close to your skin to prevent rinsing with water. There are certain areas where the suit has to be skin-tight, namely around the crotch, under the armpits and shoulders. Sagging suits are extremely uncomfortable, and if you choose your best wetsuit properly, you feel that it is a little tight.

Wetsuits vary in size, shape, quality and flexibility. Understanding these characteristics will help you choose the right suit. If you are unsure which suit is right for you, contact a dealer.


Liz H.
Liz H.

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