Are you looking for a wetsuit for a big and tall surfer? People with 'standard' body types often find it very easy to find a wetsuit that fits properly. However, big and tall surfers may feel invisible to wetsuit manufacturers when looking for the best plus-size wetsuit. This is mainly because manufacturers rarely make wetsuits for plus-size men and women.


Luckily, several manufacturers consider the needs of all surfers, regardless of their body types, when making wetsuits. With the best plus size wetsuit, you can go scuba diving, swimming, surfing, and paddling comfortably and safely. Below is a list of plus size wetsuits for big and tall men widely available and affordable.


Top 8 Plus Size Wetsuits for Big and Tall Men in 2021

Paddling in cold waters, especially in the morning, is quite tricky. Whether for adults or children, wetsuits not only keep your body warm in the cold waters but also protect your skin from damage from the sun and wind. As a result, the right wetsuit feels like a second skin as it helps keep you nice and warm. This article will provide a detailed review of some of the best plus-size wetsuits for big and tall men. They include:


1.   ZCCO 3MM Men's Front Zip Full Plus Size Wetsuit

Available in black and blue, black and grey, and black, the ZCCO Front Full Plus Size Wetsuit is an affordable wetsuit that fits big and tall men and has impeccable quality. It is one of the most widely available and popular plus-size wetsuits in the water sports community for lanky surfers, divers, swimmers, and paddlers.


ZCCO 3MM Mens Front Zip Full Plus Size Wetsuit


Additionally, this wetsuit features a 3mm SCR neoprene material with nylon lining and a durable front zipper design along its leg openings and handcuffs for easy and comfortable wearing. The ZCCO full-length wetsuit for big and tall men also features a smooth skin around the collar that seamlessly reduces water entry, as well as a soft and comfy linen lining. It also offers full-body coverage that stretches as large as 4XL providing immense warmth and comfort.


However, although this wetsuit is available in large sizes that go up to 4XL, big and tall men who are over 200 pounds may find it hard to fit well in this plus-size wetsuit.


2.   LAYATONE Men's 3mm Plus Size Shorty Wetsuit

If you are a surfer, swimmer, or diver looking for a plus-size wetsuit that goes up to 6XL, LAYATONE Plus Size Shorty Wetsuit is ideal. Made from 3mm premium neoprene material, this wetsuit is super soft and comfortable, perfect for keeping you warm in the cold waters. It also features the traditional eight-needle sewing technique, known to increase textile strength and provide a unique design to this monochromatic diving/surfing jacket.


LAYATONE Mens 3mm Plus Size Shorty Wetsuit


The material of this plus-size wetsuit is wear-resistant, super elastic, and does not easily deform. It also provides warmth and UV protection and features a YKK front zipper that allows easy wearing and taking off. Take note that this is a multipurpose summer wetsuit ideal for spearfishing, swimming, boating, snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, fitness, free diving, surfing, scuba diving, and other water sports.


3.   ZCCO 5MM Plus Size Front Zip Full Wetsuit with Hood

The ZCCO 5mm Plus Size Front Zip Full Wetsuit with Hood consists of a high-quality 5mm SCR neoprene material combined with nylon for maximum flexibility. Its environmentally friendly materials offer plenty of warmth, and its nylon lining delays the decrease in body temperature, allowing you to stay in the cold waters for a prolonged duration.


ZCCO 5MM Plus Size Front Zip Full Wetsuit with Hood


Furthermore, this is a versatile wetsuit as it is ideal for various watersports, including wave surfing, spearfishing, and scuba diving. This wetsuit for big and tall men also comes with a durable YKK zipper with Velcro and zippered leg openings and cuffs, creating a one-piece design that covers your body from top to ankle.


Furthermore, the wetsuit also has reinforced knees to protect the wearer from scratches. It also has a hood with a unique air-release system that prevents annoying air bubbles in the hood. The hood allows air bubbles to escape into the open air for maximum comfort.


4.   ZCCO Men's 3MM Plus Size Cool Black Full Wetsuit

Another top quality plus-size wetsuit for big and tall men is the ZCCO Men's 3mm Plus Size Full Wetsuit. It features a premium 3mm SCR neoprene material with a nylon outer layer and nylon lining and a stylish and futuristic design on the chest part. The ZCCO 3mm Plus Size Wetsuit is a one-piece that provides full-body coverage for optimum heat protection. Additionally, a back zipper design comes with a drawstring for easy wearing and removing after a swim. The wetsuit also has a flatlock stitching pattern that enhances textile strength for maximum durability.


ZCCO Mens 3MM Plus Size Cool Black Full Wetsuit


5.   ZCCO Men's 1.5MM Plus Size Long Sleeve Wetsuit Jacket

If you are looking for a reliable and well-respected wetsuit brand that offers a well-performing wetsuit for big and tall men, the ZCCO 1.5mm Men's Long Sleeve Plus Size Wetsuit Jacket is an ideal choice. This wetsuit top is a favorite in the water sport community as it is affordable and consists of high-quality construction materials for added comfort and elasticity.


ZCCO Mens 1.5MM Plus Size Long Sleeve Wetsuit Jacket


The plus-size wetsuit jacket feature premium quality 1.5mm neoprene and nylon material that comes in a black and grey combination. Thus, you can swim, dive, snorkel, and surf without any hassle whatsoever. It also has a front zipper design for easy wearing and removal.


6.   ZCCO 1.5MM Plus Size Neoprene Wetsuit Pants

Ideal for surfing, free diving, motor boating, kayaking, and other water sports, the ZCCO 1.5mm Plus Size Neoprene Wetsuit Pants is a piece of long-leg wetsuit bottoms that comes in two color options; grey and black. It consists of 1.5mm SCR neoprene material laminated with elastic nylon material on both sides.


ZCCO 1.5MM Plus Size Neoprene Wetsuit Pants


The wetsuit pants consist of a stretchy waistband that aids in ensuring the pants remain in the best position. Additionally, an in-built drawcord helps adjust the pants to fit the wearer's waistline perfectly. The pants also come with a flatlock stitching technique that ascertains the durability of the material. So, if you have a wetsuit vest or jacket, this can be the perfect match.


7.   ZCCO 5MM Front Zip 1 Piece Plus Size Full Wetsuit

The ZCCO 5mm Front Zip Full Wetsuit is a one-piece warm wetsuit, ideal for swimming in the cold waters during the winter. It features a classic round collar design that reduces resistance to avoid water from rushing in and provides a snug fit.


ZCCO 5MM Front Zip 1 Piece Plus Size Full Wetsuit


The full-body wetsuit also consists of premium quality 5mm SCR neoprene material laminated with elastic nylon material and a high-quality front zipper. There is also a thickened kneepad made from plush foam material to protect your joints as you perform various water sports. This wetsuit is a popular choice among swimmers and divers as it provides plenty of protection and warmth.


8.   ZCCO Men's Scuba Shorty Wetsuit Plus Size 1.5MM

With this 1.5mm ZCCO Scuba Shorty Wetsuit, you get a 1.5mm plus size wetsuit ideal for summer water sports, like surfing, free diving, scuba diving, and spearfishing, among many other water sports. It is the perfect wetsuit that provides a comfy fit and allows plenty of flexibility as you enjoy your water sports in the warm waters.


ZCCO Men's Scuba Shorty Wetsuit Plus Size 1.5MM


Furthermore, this wetsuit also comes with a YKK back zipper with a long drawstring that enables the wearer to wear and take it off easily. There is also a smooth and stretchy skin round collar that reduces water resistance and also features flatlock stitching for more durability.



Getting involved in water sports is an excellent way to clear your mind and relax. Consequently, wetsuits are a vital part of your water sports gear as they ensure you are warm, comfortable, and safe while in the waters. The list mentioned above contains well-researched and top-tier options that will help you make an informed choice when choosing the best plus-size wetsuit. However, before making a decision, we recommend conducting further research before settling on your preferred plus-size wetsuit.


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